Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats In My Make-up Bag

So, I am now college free and unemployed! woop go me.....
Anyways, I have some major free time on my hands (I reallly want a job) and I thought the best way to spend my hours would be do some more "blogging".
Today I am going to do a "Whats in my make-up bag". I am quite a nosey person so I find these types of blogs fun to read. My make-up really isn't very interesting (some products are very predictable) but I hope someone out there finds this (mildly) interesting.
Also, this is pretty much my first attempt at taking my own photos (I imagine emo posing and drunken mirror shots don't count) so I hope they look ok!!

This is my little everyday make-up bag, its not particularly exciting but it fits a lot in and was like £1 in Tesco (it came with pots of vaseline too) which is always a bonus! I don't really carry this bag around with me when I go out, I'm more of a throw three things in my handbag and then never touch up my make-up kinda gal, but the bag is pretty durable and would be fine thrown into a handbag.
To me the most important part of make-up is the base.  I have pretty bad skin, between the dehydrated patches and the redness, and have a shitload of freckles thanks to my gingerness.
At the moment I am using up a No.7 foundation (shade Calico) that I didn't like much when I first got but I am starting to like it now. I think my main problem was the colour which is little bit of an odd yellow shade... Anyways I now mix in a little  Illamasqua Skin Base (Shade 2). Now this foundation I was dying to try and honestly I hate it. I know a lot of people rave about it but I just cant get it to look good on my skin. Again the shade isn't quite right (I got matched for this on in-store!). In fairness to the lady that matched it for me it does match perfectly with my neck but once I put it over my freckles it goes kinda grey :/ . I also find that it separates quite badly after an hour or so.
However, when I mix the two together I get the right colour and it lasts a bit longer. I doubt I am going to repurchase either though.
Concealer is the same as pretty much everyone! The collections (it will always be known as collection 2000 to me) lasting perfection concealer. It really is great value for money and works just great!
My powder at this moment in time is very boring. Just a bog standard NYC loose powder. I don't have much to say about it. It works fine, I've used worse and Ive used better. Its pretty cheap though so its good in that sense.
My everyday eye make-up is hella boring. Brown shade all over the lid and if I'm feeling a little daring I might add a little of the old shading through the crease...
Anyways, these are my two faves. A No.7 shade in Truffle and a Marks and Spencers one in Burnished Copper. Truffle has been a fave for a good few years now and I'm on my third one ( extra bonus about this one is Ive never actually bought it, they usually include it their free gifts and that's where Ive got mines from!)
Burnished Copper is a bit darker but also lovely, they both last well and because they both have shimmer it adds a little extra instead a normal brown.
For brows I have been using this little Elf duo for a while now and its great! I don't use the wax very ofter but the shadow if a great match and I will most likely be buying this again!
Mascara used to be my guilty pleasure! at one point I had about 10 of them on the go (this wasn't including the ones in my make-up kit!!). So, Ive cut down dramatically and only have two: The Benefit They're Real and Bourjois Volumizer. The Benefit one was a sample from a magazine but I'm thinking about buying it when it runs out. The Bourjois one is ok but not one of my faves, therefore once its done its gone from the bag for good!
Eyeliners are the pretty boring again with a black and flesh tone. The black is from Maybelline and was just one I recently found in my kit. It doesn't last the best but its ok and I'm pretty sure it was reasonably cheap.
The flesh toned one is from Illamasqua (Vow) and I really like it! Its a great shade for looking natural and giving that wide eye look without being too white. It lasts pretty well and I'm going to be getting some more to add to my professional kit soon.
I only take two lip products around with me and honestly I don't use them often! The Lip Butter (Lollypop) is a lovely shade and probably been the only lip product I have worn on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them if (like me) your a bit of an anti-lip product gal. The other I have is the Apocalips one in the light pink. This one is also great but  a little too pale for me. I do use it but i blot it down quite a bit and make it more wearable (for my tastes).
For cheeks I go pretty basic unless going somewhere special (this happens very irregularly). I use the NYX blush in Taupe for contour and its perfect for all us deathly pale folk. For blush I like very pink shades and this Elf one is perfect.

So thats pretty much it for my make-up bag. I was going to include the brushes I use but theres quite a few and I think it would be best to talk about the separately
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  1. I have loads of these products!
    They're real is my favourite (:
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  2. I love your make-up bag first of all!
    And love the products :)

    Christina xx

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  5. Great post and i love your make up bag. So cute :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  6. Your makeup bag is so chic!