Tuesday, 4 March 2014


So, I haven't been on here in a while and its all because of my horrendously busy life ..... might have just been lazy....
Anyways, I went on a mini holiday (is one night a holiday?) with my mama to Aberdeen last weekend and bought some stuff that I really shouldn't have.

Actually all the clothes I bought are going back.

I refuse to try clothes on in shops because I often wear about 20 layers and its a pain and too time consuming and again that laziness creeps into my life everywhere....but I did get a few make-up bits (mostly lips) and thought I would write about them.

Primark was the first stop. Here I ended up with a load of clothing which is all going back (apart from a jumper that was reduced to £2!) and an eyeliner pen. I have seen a few people going on about the new revamped beauty and make-up range that Primark have going on at the moment and thought I would go have a look around. I'm usually a bit skeptic about super cheap make-up, especially for eye make-up, because my skin is super sensitive and pale as can be thanks to the ginger hair. I, however, thought I would give the eyeliner pen a try. I find the pens to be the easiest when doing liner on myself and when I can be bothered with gel. My go to one is the Soap and Glory one (have no idea if its got a name) but the Primark one seems really good so far. Its goes on rich black and not that pale, pathetic attempt at black you sometimes get. AND, so far it hasn't burnt my eyelids off! Woop.

My second Aberdeen stop was MAC. I find these shops highly intimating, especially since doing make-up at college for some reason and I usually just get mac stuff from online. I find the shop kinda stressful and like everyone takes one look at your face at judges you.....but I wanted a lipstick so I braved it. I've been eyeing up Candy Yum Yum for some time and I'm a bit of the sucker for bright pink. After walking round the shop, leaving and then going back I bought the lipstick...and I love it. I feel like Barbie. It makes me happy. That is all.

The next lip product is from MUA. Ive been trying to find Mua Luxe lip product things for a while now but none of the local Superdrugs stocked them. Again I was going for the bright pink but stopped myself and went for Kooky instead, which is a matte dark purple colour. Its a bit drying but I really like the colour and Ill probably just wear it around the house (yip) or on a night out (if I ever get a social life). For £3 though its great. 

The last product I got is the Reve de Miel lip balm. This is something Ive often heard bloggers and people on youtube talking about but never realised you could get it in Marks and Spencers. Its not somewhere I usually go in to but my mum was having a look around so I went to the beauty section and was surprised to see the brand there. The lip balm feels lovely and has a nice taste to it which is always a bonus. My lips are always dry and chapped so if this works then I don't mind spending a bit more on it. I got it for £5.50 but the ticket said £6 so I dunno if it was wrong or there was a random sale on or something. 

Now heres a picture of my wearing most of these things (including my £2 Primark jumper). Only thing missing is Kooky. And, well you can't see the lip balm but its there!!

Loook at my little poser face....and my ability to match lipstick to headphone. Skillllz.

Cya x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What was Enjoyable in August

So August is nearing its end for this year.
After a fairly depressing July, in which I mostly resorted back to my 16 year old emo self, August has been rather good.
Here is my list of things that made August worth ditching the wailing music and eyeliner.

1: I GOT A JOB. So its only part-time and just in a shop but I'm super happy at working and earning some penny's!
                                                          Look I even got a name badge......

2: Glasgow. I got to go back to my favourite place! It was only for the weekend but anytime out of the countryside is good enough for me! Got to have some human interaction (I have like no friends in the highlands and family doesn't count..). Annnnd..I got my hair super blonde. It good to have friends that are trained hairdressers!
3: Cinema Time: Whilst in the city I went to see a film that I have been waiting for for years! City of Bones from the Mortal Instrument series. I first read this book the summer it came out and I have been a big fan of the series ever since. Naturally I was excited when they announced there was gonna be a film! However, I didn't enjoy it all that much but it had some promise and I hope they can make more so that they can develop and improve on it!
4: AFI: Welcome to my Emo side.
New AFI music always makes me happy. Been a fan since I was about 12 and they are still one of my fave bands. Their new stuff is also on the City of Bones soundtrack which made me very giddy! 17 Crimes plays during the credits.....it was my fave part.....
5: New Lip Products: Thought I would include a little beauty products in this post too. Since I have some money now I was able to treat myself to a few things. I got some new lip butters, Candy Apple and Strawberry Shortcake (cute names, no hungry), and a baby lips balm thing (The Maybelline one in Cherry flavour). All are great and moisturising and all things I need/require for my lips....Plus, easy to just pop on with no brush or fuss.

Theres plenty more I could include but I'm going to leave it neat with the five!

Claire x

Friday, 26 July 2013

My Favourite Brushes

Oooh look shiny shiny brushes. And by shiny I mean slightly dirty since I didn't bother to clean them before taking the picture....keeping things real...
Anyways here are my fave brushes to use on an everyday basis. I was going to include them in my "Whats in my make-up bag" post but it would have made the post rather long.
So, I guess I shall start from the left and work my way from the smallest to largest brush.

1: Real Techniques Lip Brush. A lip brush is just a lip brush really. Nothing to get very excited about, but this is just a handy little brush that finds well into a make-up bag. I also find the shape (cats tongue) is good for a thicker liner, especially if you are not confident in using a fine liner brush.

2: Crown Buffer Brush. Now, I just made that name up. I got it from a Crown stand at a make-up show a year ago and never took notice of an actual name. Anyway, its a good brush for buffing shadow to the crease of your eye. I believe its kinda a dupe for the Mac one (216 or something). However, I've never used the Mac one but this works great!

3: Elf Shadow Brush. I think this is quite a popular wee brush from the wonderful (and cheap) Elf range. I have quite a few of the brushes in my kit and find that you do get the odd one that is a bit wreaked and not usable but the majority are perfect! For £1.50 you really can't find better!

4: Art Deco Angle Brush. Now this is my favourite, precious brow brush. I once lost this brush for a few month and my brow just were not the same, it just gives me the perfect brow shape. I have no idea why it works so well but I can't cope without it. Ive even glued it back together after it found its way under my foot.

5: Art Deco Blush Brush. Again, this is one all my all time faves. Its not the softest but I just find it to be the perfect size for sweeping some blush over the apple of the cheeks.

6: Real Techniques Contour Brush. Does anyone not like these Real Technique brushes? They are just so well made and perfect for the job. This one fits nicely on the contours of the face to give that perfect sculpted look.

7: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. How did I ever cope with doing my foundation with a flat brush!? I can't do my base without using this lovely, soft brush. It just makes your foundation glide on and blend like its your own skin (that sounds a bit creepy..)

8:Eco Tools Face Brush. This is possibly the softest thing that has every touched my face. Its just so soft and perfect! My mother even has one and she doesn't even know how to use make-up brushes! So, if your are only ever going to buy one brush, get this one! And just feel the softness.....

So, theres my everyday brushes. I use quite a few others when doing my make-up a bit different but for the basic these will do.

thanks folks,
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Holiday / Birthday Haul

Part One : The birthday present (and randoms) edition
I think hauls might be my favourite thing to read, or watch on the good old youtube scene, so I thought I would attempt my own. 
Recently I was away on a family holiday to Tenerife and it also happened to be my birthday. Since I have no income at the moment (poor little unemployed Claire) I took the chance at having some money to buy some new shiny clothes! The majority of the things I bought were from shops you can also find in the UK but there aren't any near my place of residence so it was a good chance for me to go to Zara everyday. And I mean everyday. My dad started just walking ahead to the nearest one because he knew I would want to go in....

Anyways I'm going to start with a few things I got from the family for my little birthday (23 years of sarcasm).
 I have been asking for a pocket watch necklace thing for a while now. My mum originally tried getting me one for Christmas but couldn't find one. However, we were having a walk through St. Enoch shopping center in Glasgow a few months ago and spotted one on those stalls you get. So, I already knew I was getting that one (the necklace in the center) but the other one (love heart shaped one) was a surprise from my brother. I already knew he had something else for me so it was a surprise to get this too! The other necklace is the cute Alice in Wonderland card shaped one which is also from mother dearest :)
The necklace from my mum and pocket watch from the bro are both from Argento. I think it is a shop in Glasgow...but it might be a brand. Not completely sure...
 The family were also kind enough to get me some rings too. The one in the center is a lovely silver floral ring and the gold one is a turtle! Both of these are again from Argento and suit my love of over sized costume jewelery. The other ring is a cute wee butterfly (looks better in real life to be honest) that I got in a random shop in Tenerife.
When on holiday I like to get myself some perfume. Last few times I have been away Ive gotten the Thierry Mugler Womanity, which is one of my favourite scents, but I decided to go for a different one this time. I thought about getting the Marc Jacobs Dot  one but my mum already has it so I can steal it off her!
So, about 20 perfume shops later I went for the Lancome Midnight Rose. Ive never really took any notice of Lancome before but the lovely face of Emma Watson has drawn me to the brand (good move there Lancome). I'm happy with it though. I have no idea how to describe scents but I'll go with "sweet", it reminds me of the smell of a sweetie shop...

 Handbag time!! I love myself a new handbag (or two) and I have been admiring these two for a while so naturally I asked for them for my birthday. This lovely yellow one from Zara (which pretty much everyone has) is great for people like me who refuse to wear colour 90% of the year. It looks fab with an all black outfit. Also, it is now on sale for £19.99.
The second bag I got was from my brother and is again from Zara. It is also on sale, which makes me happy since a few months ago I sat late at night with it in my virtual Zara shopping basket for about 3 hours. See if you wait long enough it will become your birthday and on sale! Boom (I need to apologise to myself for writing that word down...)

Im going to end this post here and upload the clothing one later. I would say its for length of posts reasons but actually some pieces need washing (or finding).

Bye guys.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats In My Make-up Bag

So, I am now college free and unemployed! woop go me.....
Anyways, I have some major free time on my hands (I reallly want a job) and I thought the best way to spend my hours would be do some more "blogging".
Today I am going to do a "Whats in my make-up bag". I am quite a nosey person so I find these types of blogs fun to read. My make-up really isn't very interesting (some products are very predictable) but I hope someone out there finds this (mildly) interesting.
Also, this is pretty much my first attempt at taking my own photos (I imagine emo posing and drunken mirror shots don't count) so I hope they look ok!!

This is my little everyday make-up bag, its not particularly exciting but it fits a lot in and was like £1 in Tesco (it came with pots of vaseline too) which is always a bonus! I don't really carry this bag around with me when I go out, I'm more of a throw three things in my handbag and then never touch up my make-up kinda gal, but the bag is pretty durable and would be fine thrown into a handbag.
To me the most important part of make-up is the base.  I have pretty bad skin, between the dehydrated patches and the redness, and have a shitload of freckles thanks to my gingerness.
At the moment I am using up a No.7 foundation (shade Calico) that I didn't like much when I first got but I am starting to like it now. I think my main problem was the colour which is little bit of an odd yellow shade... Anyways I now mix in a little  Illamasqua Skin Base (Shade 2). Now this foundation I was dying to try and honestly I hate it. I know a lot of people rave about it but I just cant get it to look good on my skin. Again the shade isn't quite right (I got matched for this on in-store!). In fairness to the lady that matched it for me it does match perfectly with my neck but once I put it over my freckles it goes kinda grey :/ . I also find that it separates quite badly after an hour or so.
However, when I mix the two together I get the right colour and it lasts a bit longer. I doubt I am going to repurchase either though.
Concealer is the same as pretty much everyone! The collections (it will always be known as collection 2000 to me) lasting perfection concealer. It really is great value for money and works just great!
My powder at this moment in time is very boring. Just a bog standard NYC loose powder. I don't have much to say about it. It works fine, I've used worse and Ive used better. Its pretty cheap though so its good in that sense.
My everyday eye make-up is hella boring. Brown shade all over the lid and if I'm feeling a little daring I might add a little of the old shading through the crease...
Anyways, these are my two faves. A No.7 shade in Truffle and a Marks and Spencers one in Burnished Copper. Truffle has been a fave for a good few years now and I'm on my third one ( extra bonus about this one is Ive never actually bought it, they usually include it their free gifts and that's where Ive got mines from!)
Burnished Copper is a bit darker but also lovely, they both last well and because they both have shimmer it adds a little extra instead a normal brown.
For brows I have been using this little Elf duo for a while now and its great! I don't use the wax very ofter but the shadow if a great match and I will most likely be buying this again!
Mascara used to be my guilty pleasure! at one point I had about 10 of them on the go (this wasn't including the ones in my make-up kit!!). So, Ive cut down dramatically and only have two: The Benefit They're Real and Bourjois Volumizer. The Benefit one was a sample from a magazine but I'm thinking about buying it when it runs out. The Bourjois one is ok but not one of my faves, therefore once its done its gone from the bag for good!
Eyeliners are the pretty boring again with a black and flesh tone. The black is from Maybelline and was just one I recently found in my kit. It doesn't last the best but its ok and I'm pretty sure it was reasonably cheap.
The flesh toned one is from Illamasqua (Vow) and I really like it! Its a great shade for looking natural and giving that wide eye look without being too white. It lasts pretty well and I'm going to be getting some more to add to my professional kit soon.
I only take two lip products around with me and honestly I don't use them often! The Lip Butter (Lollypop) is a lovely shade and probably been the only lip product I have worn on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them if (like me) your a bit of an anti-lip product gal. The other I have is the Apocalips one in the light pink. This one is also great but  a little too pale for me. I do use it but i blot it down quite a bit and make it more wearable (for my tastes).
For cheeks I go pretty basic unless going somewhere special (this happens very irregularly). I use the NYX blush in Taupe for contour and its perfect for all us deathly pale folk. For blush I like very pink shades and this Elf one is perfect.

So thats pretty much it for my make-up bag. I was going to include the brushes I use but theres quite a few and I think it would be best to talk about the separately
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Monday, 27 May 2013

My college days are ending

So, my time over the last few months has been filled with a mix of apathy and despair over college work.
 I vaguely remember starting out at a new college, in a new city far from home nearly 3 years ago with enthusiasm (surprisingly for me) and optimism (again strange) that this was the start of my career and my life.
Now I sit here nearing the end of my education with the understanding that all Ive really learnt is that I find most personality's very difficult to get along with and that I should have stuck in with my retail job (would have been a manager by now). Right now I should be desperately trying to find assessment pictures that Ive saved into random files so that I can submit all my work and be finished with it all but I'm just going to ramble and drink lucazade.
Anyways, college hasn't all been bad. Ive made friends that I hope to stay in touch with for many years (even if they don't want to be friends with me) and the knowledge that my left side is my better side when getting photographed.
I thought I might add some of the work that Ive done for anyone that is interested. I love some of the stuff that Ive been able to create over the past few years and although I doubt I will ever be a freelance make-up artist I will not regret my decision to do the course to the bitter end.
Below are some of my favorite fashion type looks that I have done for assessments. 

The fashion side of the make-up industry was not something that interested me very much before I started the course but I actually grew to like it the most. Its all fine and well throwing fake blood around and making people gross but there something lovely about making someone happy with the way you've made their eyes stand out with some shadow (fans ones self with a powder brush whilst looking smug at an "average" looking person)...

Now the thing I really hated about SFX work was the research. Seriously if someone had been murdered near my flat and my internet history checked I would have been charged on the spot. The college asks for real life bullet wounds, acid burns and various torture injuries. All those thing are not fun to look at. Ever. Especially when eating.
Finally I arrive at the dreaded Graded Unit. This is the least favorite part of my college journey. For someone that finds it difficult to get stressed about anything it came as a shock when I found myself wanting to cry over which fabric to use to drape on a set that would be seen for about 3 hours.
For HND students the endgame of all the skills learnt is to take part in a live event, a degree show. Where you have a model and a set  and you have to stand and talk to other students' parents whilst they pretend to care about your decision to use latex instead of gelatine.
These pictures below are the two final images I had for my piece which was based on the film Labyrinth. If anyone is actually reading this I would appreciate a comment letting me know which one you prefer.

    Right, I think I might stop myself with all this rambling now. If anyone is thinking about doing a make-up course at college I would say that it really does have a lot of fun elements to it but be prepared to work a lot! There is so much more to it than just being good at applying eyeliner.

Claire x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Reasons Why the 80's Are Golden

1) The Music

Cast aside the fact that I’m in love with five horribly manufactured idiots who go by the name of One Direction, I pretty much shy away from a lot of top 40 music. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pop song! Who wants to sing to James Blunt or any other melancholy singer out there in the shower? Not me! I want to wake up feeling like P-Diddy. I want to wear animal print pants on patrol. And chains and whips definitely excite me (just kidding, Mum if you’re reading this – Rihanna said it not me!). Overall, I listen to a lot of old music and prefer it alot more!

The 80’s had great music whether that be from movie soundtracks (Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club) to power ballads from the yodelling legends such as Bonnie Tyler. Back in the 80’s, girl power was evident with bands like Bananarama and The Bangles on the go (thank god for Haim in the present day, we are severely lacking girl bands who play instruments out there). Everyone was a crazy, fluffy haired guitar player and I love youtubing old performances from people like ACDC schooling 2013 bands about what real rock really is. God bless 80’s music, it may be cheesy in places and sound like old school polyphonic ringtones sometimes but I can’t think of anything better!

2) The Movies

If you don’t count the 80’s as a legendary period for film, you need to get your life reevaluated. Chick flicks were far from predictable – I’m still not over Ducky getting rejected in Pretty in Pink! Jake Ryan was a popular jock with a soul in Sixteen Candles, Christian Slater was a loveable psycho in Heathers and Patrick Swayze managed to pull off the almighty task of wearing spandex. The characters weren’t one dimensional like you get in a lot of soppy love stories these days and I never knew what to expect when I first watched 80's films.

We also had lots of coming-of-age films back then that 2013 is severely lacking; loveable prankster Ferris Bueller, the gang from The Breakfast Club that we all wanted to share a shift in detention with and even Tom Cruise pulled off running a prostitution ring in Risky Business (whilst only dressed in a white shirt and boxers for parts of the film, 5 skill points awarded to you Tom).

People will always remember John Cusack with a boombox in Say Anything, George McFly’s laugh in Back to the Future and E.T making red hoodies fashionable.

3) The Saved By the Bell Gang

I want to be friends with the characters from Saved by the Bell – namely one Zack Morris. I recently got back into watching it from the beginning (thank god for Youtube) and fell in love with him all over again. Zack Morris made wear oversized stripy tshirts and highlights on boys cool – he even managed to pull off ditching Kelly for a nurse that one time (but we won’t talk about that, bad Zack).

On the note of Kelly Kapowski, she is still up there with t.v show females I want to look like! The clothes, the hair and the winning smile - can we just be her for a day?! Also, let’s be honest, we all wish we could be suspended from Zack’s ceiling in a cardboard cutout form – the highest honour!

It’s a shame the series didn’t last longer and faded out towards the end because there hasn’t been a memorable group of friends like that since FRIENDS! Even with the episode inconsistences, Saved by the Bell is still one of the best shows ever to grace our television screens. I will remain a loyal fan forever, now let’s all do the 'Sprain' !

4)  The Style

If you go into Topshop right now, you’ll see that 80’s style has returned. Bright colours, croptops and backpacks are all back in style not to mention the fact that a lot of guy out there are sporting snapbacks and dressing like they should be an extra on Fresh Prince.

In the 80’s, there was a lot of self expression whether that be from your make-up to your overly crimped hair. Denim jackets and bright colours can suit anyone, that’s the beauty of it! Clothes seemed a lot more fun and stylish back then - even you, MC Hammer!

So here I am, hoping that this trend stays around for some time (even if we can't recreate the full glory of the 80's) let's just try to take some elements from it anyway. After all, you can't beat a bit of double denim and singing along to Journey classics on the bus!

- Steph