Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What was Enjoyable in August

So August is nearing its end for this year.
After a fairly depressing July, in which I mostly resorted back to my 16 year old emo self, August has been rather good.
Here is my list of things that made August worth ditching the wailing music and eyeliner.

1: I GOT A JOB. So its only part-time and just in a shop but I'm super happy at working and earning some penny's!
                                                          Look I even got a name badge......

2: Glasgow. I got to go back to my favourite place! It was only for the weekend but anytime out of the countryside is good enough for me! Got to have some human interaction (I have like no friends in the highlands and family doesn't count..). Annnnd..I got my hair super blonde. It good to have friends that are trained hairdressers!
3: Cinema Time: Whilst in the city I went to see a film that I have been waiting for for years! City of Bones from the Mortal Instrument series. I first read this book the summer it came out and I have been a big fan of the series ever since. Naturally I was excited when they announced there was gonna be a film! However, I didn't enjoy it all that much but it had some promise and I hope they can make more so that they can develop and improve on it!
4: AFI: Welcome to my Emo side.
New AFI music always makes me happy. Been a fan since I was about 12 and they are still one of my fave bands. Their new stuff is also on the City of Bones soundtrack which made me very giddy! 17 Crimes plays during the was my fave part.....
5: New Lip Products: Thought I would include a little beauty products in this post too. Since I have some money now I was able to treat myself to a few things. I got some new lip butters, Candy Apple and Strawberry Shortcake (cute names, no hungry), and a baby lips balm thing (The Maybelline one in Cherry flavour). All are great and moisturising and all things I need/require for my lips....Plus, easy to just pop on with no brush or fuss.

Theres plenty more I could include but I'm going to leave it neat with the five!

Claire x