Tuesday, 4 March 2014


So, I haven't been on here in a while and its all because of my horrendously busy life ..... might have just been lazy....
Anyways, I went on a mini holiday (is one night a holiday?) with my mama to Aberdeen last weekend and bought some stuff that I really shouldn't have.

Actually all the clothes I bought are going back.

I refuse to try clothes on in shops because I often wear about 20 layers and its a pain and too time consuming and again that laziness creeps into my life everywhere....but I did get a few make-up bits (mostly lips) and thought I would write about them.

Primark was the first stop. Here I ended up with a load of clothing which is all going back (apart from a jumper that was reduced to £2!) and an eyeliner pen. I have seen a few people going on about the new revamped beauty and make-up range that Primark have going on at the moment and thought I would go have a look around. I'm usually a bit skeptic about super cheap make-up, especially for eye make-up, because my skin is super sensitive and pale as can be thanks to the ginger hair. I, however, thought I would give the eyeliner pen a try. I find the pens to be the easiest when doing liner on myself and when I can be bothered with gel. My go to one is the Soap and Glory one (have no idea if its got a name) but the Primark one seems really good so far. Its goes on rich black and not that pale, pathetic attempt at black you sometimes get. AND, so far it hasn't burnt my eyelids off! Woop.

My second Aberdeen stop was MAC. I find these shops highly intimating, especially since doing make-up at college for some reason and I usually just get mac stuff from online. I find the shop kinda stressful and like everyone takes one look at your face at judges you.....but I wanted a lipstick so I braved it. I've been eyeing up Candy Yum Yum for some time and I'm a bit of the sucker for bright pink. After walking round the shop, leaving and then going back I bought the lipstick...and I love it. I feel like Barbie. It makes me happy. That is all.

The next lip product is from MUA. Ive been trying to find Mua Luxe lip product things for a while now but none of the local Superdrugs stocked them. Again I was going for the bright pink but stopped myself and went for Kooky instead, which is a matte dark purple colour. Its a bit drying but I really like the colour and Ill probably just wear it around the house (yip) or on a night out (if I ever get a social life). For £3 though its great. 

The last product I got is the Reve de Miel lip balm. This is something Ive often heard bloggers and people on youtube talking about but never realised you could get it in Marks and Spencers. Its not somewhere I usually go in to but my mum was having a look around so I went to the beauty section and was surprised to see the brand there. The lip balm feels lovely and has a nice taste to it which is always a bonus. My lips are always dry and chapped so if this works then I don't mind spending a bit more on it. I got it for £5.50 but the ticket said £6 so I dunno if it was wrong or there was a random sale on or something. 

Now heres a picture of my wearing most of these things (including my £2 Primark jumper). Only thing missing is Kooky. And, well you can't see the lip balm but its there!!

Loook at my little poser face....and my ability to match lipstick to headphone. Skillllz.

Cya x