Friday, 26 July 2013

My Favourite Brushes

Oooh look shiny shiny brushes. And by shiny I mean slightly dirty since I didn't bother to clean them before taking the picture....keeping things real...
Anyways here are my fave brushes to use on an everyday basis. I was going to include them in my "Whats in my make-up bag" post but it would have made the post rather long.
So, I guess I shall start from the left and work my way from the smallest to largest brush.

1: Real Techniques Lip Brush. A lip brush is just a lip brush really. Nothing to get very excited about, but this is just a handy little brush that finds well into a make-up bag. I also find the shape (cats tongue) is good for a thicker liner, especially if you are not confident in using a fine liner brush.

2: Crown Buffer Brush. Now, I just made that name up. I got it from a Crown stand at a make-up show a year ago and never took notice of an actual name. Anyway, its a good brush for buffing shadow to the crease of your eye. I believe its kinda a dupe for the Mac one (216 or something). However, I've never used the Mac one but this works great!

3: Elf Shadow Brush. I think this is quite a popular wee brush from the wonderful (and cheap) Elf range. I have quite a few of the brushes in my kit and find that you do get the odd one that is a bit wreaked and not usable but the majority are perfect! For £1.50 you really can't find better!

4: Art Deco Angle Brush. Now this is my favourite, precious brow brush. I once lost this brush for a few month and my brow just were not the same, it just gives me the perfect brow shape. I have no idea why it works so well but I can't cope without it. Ive even glued it back together after it found its way under my foot.

5: Art Deco Blush Brush. Again, this is one all my all time faves. Its not the softest but I just find it to be the perfect size for sweeping some blush over the apple of the cheeks.

6: Real Techniques Contour Brush. Does anyone not like these Real Technique brushes? They are just so well made and perfect for the job. This one fits nicely on the contours of the face to give that perfect sculpted look.

7: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. How did I ever cope with doing my foundation with a flat brush!? I can't do my base without using this lovely, soft brush. It just makes your foundation glide on and blend like its your own skin (that sounds a bit creepy..)

8:Eco Tools Face Brush. This is possibly the softest thing that has every touched my face. Its just so soft and perfect! My mother even has one and she doesn't even know how to use make-up brushes! So, if your are only ever going to buy one brush, get this one! And just feel the softness.....

So, theres my everyday brushes. I use quite a few others when doing my make-up a bit different but for the basic these will do.

thanks folks,
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Holiday / Birthday Haul

Part One : The birthday present (and randoms) edition
I think hauls might be my favourite thing to read, or watch on the good old youtube scene, so I thought I would attempt my own. 
Recently I was away on a family holiday to Tenerife and it also happened to be my birthday. Since I have no income at the moment (poor little unemployed Claire) I took the chance at having some money to buy some new shiny clothes! The majority of the things I bought were from shops you can also find in the UK but there aren't any near my place of residence so it was a good chance for me to go to Zara everyday. And I mean everyday. My dad started just walking ahead to the nearest one because he knew I would want to go in....

Anyways I'm going to start with a few things I got from the family for my little birthday (23 years of sarcasm).
 I have been asking for a pocket watch necklace thing for a while now. My mum originally tried getting me one for Christmas but couldn't find one. However, we were having a walk through St. Enoch shopping center in Glasgow a few months ago and spotted one on those stalls you get. So, I already knew I was getting that one (the necklace in the center) but the other one (love heart shaped one) was a surprise from my brother. I already knew he had something else for me so it was a surprise to get this too! The other necklace is the cute Alice in Wonderland card shaped one which is also from mother dearest :)
The necklace from my mum and pocket watch from the bro are both from Argento. I think it is a shop in Glasgow...but it might be a brand. Not completely sure...
 The family were also kind enough to get me some rings too. The one in the center is a lovely silver floral ring and the gold one is a turtle! Both of these are again from Argento and suit my love of over sized costume jewelery. The other ring is a cute wee butterfly (looks better in real life to be honest) that I got in a random shop in Tenerife.
When on holiday I like to get myself some perfume. Last few times I have been away Ive gotten the Thierry Mugler Womanity, which is one of my favourite scents, but I decided to go for a different one this time. I thought about getting the Marc Jacobs Dot  one but my mum already has it so I can steal it off her!
So, about 20 perfume shops later I went for the Lancome Midnight Rose. Ive never really took any notice of Lancome before but the lovely face of Emma Watson has drawn me to the brand (good move there Lancome). I'm happy with it though. I have no idea how to describe scents but I'll go with "sweet", it reminds me of the smell of a sweetie shop...

 Handbag time!! I love myself a new handbag (or two) and I have been admiring these two for a while so naturally I asked for them for my birthday. This lovely yellow one from Zara (which pretty much everyone has) is great for people like me who refuse to wear colour 90% of the year. It looks fab with an all black outfit. Also, it is now on sale for £19.99.
The second bag I got was from my brother and is again from Zara. It is also on sale, which makes me happy since a few months ago I sat late at night with it in my virtual Zara shopping basket for about 3 hours. See if you wait long enough it will become your birthday and on sale! Boom (I need to apologise to myself for writing that word down...)

Im going to end this post here and upload the clothing one later. I would say its for length of posts reasons but actually some pieces need washing (or finding).

Bye guys.