Monday, 27 May 2013

My college days are ending

So, my time over the last few months has been filled with a mix of apathy and despair over college work.
 I vaguely remember starting out at a new college, in a new city far from home nearly 3 years ago with enthusiasm (surprisingly for me) and optimism (again strange) that this was the start of my career and my life.
Now I sit here nearing the end of my education with the understanding that all Ive really learnt is that I find most personality's very difficult to get along with and that I should have stuck in with my retail job (would have been a manager by now). Right now I should be desperately trying to find assessment pictures that Ive saved into random files so that I can submit all my work and be finished with it all but I'm just going to ramble and drink lucazade.
Anyways, college hasn't all been bad. Ive made friends that I hope to stay in touch with for many years (even if they don't want to be friends with me) and the knowledge that my left side is my better side when getting photographed.
I thought I might add some of the work that Ive done for anyone that is interested. I love some of the stuff that Ive been able to create over the past few years and although I doubt I will ever be a freelance make-up artist I will not regret my decision to do the course to the bitter end.
Below are some of my favorite fashion type looks that I have done for assessments. 

The fashion side of the make-up industry was not something that interested me very much before I started the course but I actually grew to like it the most. Its all fine and well throwing fake blood around and making people gross but there something lovely about making someone happy with the way you've made their eyes stand out with some shadow (fans ones self with a powder brush whilst looking smug at an "average" looking person)...

Now the thing I really hated about SFX work was the research. Seriously if someone had been murdered near my flat and my internet history checked I would have been charged on the spot. The college asks for real life bullet wounds, acid burns and various torture injuries. All those thing are not fun to look at. Ever. Especially when eating.
Finally I arrive at the dreaded Graded Unit. This is the least favorite part of my college journey. For someone that finds it difficult to get stressed about anything it came as a shock when I found myself wanting to cry over which fabric to use to drape on a set that would be seen for about 3 hours.
For HND students the endgame of all the skills learnt is to take part in a live event, a degree show. Where you have a model and a set  and you have to stand and talk to other students' parents whilst they pretend to care about your decision to use latex instead of gelatine.
These pictures below are the two final images I had for my piece which was based on the film Labyrinth. If anyone is actually reading this I would appreciate a comment letting me know which one you prefer.

    Right, I think I might stop myself with all this rambling now. If anyone is thinking about doing a make-up course at college I would say that it really does have a lot of fun elements to it but be prepared to work a lot! There is so much more to it than just being good at applying eyeliner.

Claire x